25KVA/360V 3-Phase “Colossal” Pure Sinewave Inverter

   Unit Price  Total Price
 Sukam 25KVA/360V Inverter (1)  N 1,687,500.00  N 1,687,500.00
 Sukam 200Ah/12V  SMF Battery (30)  N 60,750.00  N 1,822,500.00
 15-Battery Iron Rack (2)                                  N 31,250.00  N 62,500.00
 Installation  N 275,000.00  N 275,000.00
 Total Price    N 3,847,500.00
Trust Su-Kam for the heavy duty capacity inverters to do the big job. And when it comes to those very sensitive, high calibre applications requiring not only stable and reliable high performance power backup but also zero tolerance for switchover glitch, you need the Su-Kam IntelliQ Series DSP Online UPS. The Su-Kam DSP Online UPS, 3 Phase in – 3 Phase out range, offered  here, are DSP based Double Conversion Online UPS system with True Galvanic Isolation.The Key benefits here, beyond power backup, are:
  • Zero power switchover to battery supply at failure the mains, critical for certain sensitive applications. When even less than one second time lag in switchover is not acceptable, these work horses are what you need.
  • 3-phase power supply (3 phase in, 3 phase out) which is critical for equipment that require 3-phase supply
  • Robust capacity for heavy load (up to 50kva) power backup capacity.
  • Double Power Conversion technology that acts as a stabiliser, eliminating fluctuations and disturbances from the mains supply
  • Very advanced performance monitoring mechanism with LCD display


The Su-Kam DSP Online IntelliQ UPS with 3-phase in and 3-phase out power supply comes in capacity ratings of 10KVA to 50KVA. All are 360V DC online UPS. Now you can be sure of dependable power backup for your Data center, LAN nodes, telecommunication equipment and networks, sophisticated medical equipment, banking service support equipment, programmable logic control systems, super market check out systems, lighting systems, production units and all kinds of high capacity or sensitive power backup projects. The advanced technology design of these high capacity Su-Kam online inverters delivers the following high performance features:
  • DSP based PWM technology using IGBT
  • Double Conversion VFI technology
  • True Galvanic Isolation
  • Works on any phase sequence without coming in Battery Mode
  • LCD Panel for Input/Output Voltage, Input/Output Frequency and Output Power
  • for all 3 phases simultaneously (very useful for monitoring)
  • User settable Output Voltage (380/400/415V)
  • RS-232 Interface software
  • Remote monitoring analysis & control using Powerdoc Software
  • Auto Self test on LCD Panel
  • 3-Phase Static Bypass Switch (optional)


The Su-Kam DSP Online UPS system offers full protection –  more of an electrical firewall between the incoming utility power and your sensitive electronic equipment. You can trust these power systems to protect your equipment from power quality problems, in addition to the power backup you enjoy. The Su-Kam DSP 3P-3P UPS range delivers:
  •     Protection and safety of highly sophisticated equipment
  •     Full battery charging and built-in protection of the batteries
  •     Enhanced battery life, saving you lots of money
  •     Hum-free – no disturbing and irritating noise
  •     100% protection to the load from full range of power disturbances.
  •     Start up without Mains (Cold start)
  •     Constant output frequency


This is dependable power backup, delivered by a tested, trusted product line.  Su-Kam power inverters have been powering various home and office projects in Nigeria for many years running. The performance of the Su-Kam product range is no longer under evaluation as many installations have run for years now.