Mission/Vision & Values

Our Vision
To be the number one utility solutions provider in sub-Saharan Africa
Our Mission
To guarantee uninterrupted, clean and efficient use of energy in Africa
Customer Focus
We are a customer-focused organization, anticipating, understanding and excelling at meeting the needs of our customers. We continually pursue new ways of better satisfying our customers through relevant technologies and better solutions.
Honesty and Integrity
We place high premium on a culture that values honesty, integrity and the reinforcement of corporate values in practice.
Team Spirit
We recognize that our ‘people’ are our greatest asset, so we aim at an environment that fosters teamwork, full participation and empowerment so that employees’ skills are productively pooled to achieve the company’s objective – customer satisfaction.
We approach every assignment with professionalism, and we provide tailor-made, specialized and relevant power engineering solutions without compromise to best practice.