Uninterrupted Power Supply

At Transez, we supply and install quality inverters that secure uninterrupted power. With an inbuilt transformer, our inverters are very durable and long lasting.  These complete power generation systems are suitable for all types of commercial establishments and are capable of running everything from lights, air conditioners, lifts and elevators & welding arch in the most cost effective manner.  It has already established itself as a most reliable option to generators for Industrial application & work as a complete power generation selection.
Our inverters ensure full safety of highly sophisticated equipment, 100% pure, reliable and regulated power, low running cost, extended power backup time, unbalanced load handling capability, it eliminates disturbing and irritating noise, extended overload capability (up to 300%), start up without mains (Cold start), easy maintenance and  they are generator compatible.  Our inverter brand is the Su-kam DSP Sine Wave Inverter.
Tips on Batteries:
Wet cell batteries are heavier and require more maintenance. The electrolyte can evaporate and may need to be replaced, and they need to be in an upright position to be charged. In gel cells and glass mat batteries, the electrolyte does not evaporate, so it never needs to be replaced. Gel cells need to be in an upright position to be charged, but glass mat batteries do not. Constant care must be taken with wet cells to avoid acid spills, but not so with the others. All three types of batteries contain hazardous materials and need to be recycled when no longer needed.
Wet cell batteries, although heavier, are the most widely used. They are the workhorse of the battery world and the cheapest for equal power. They provide higher surge currents and therefore are often preferred for automotive applications that need higher current for starting. However glass mat batteries can use purer materials and have a higher power density and therefore are often preferred for high-performance electric vehicles. Gel cells have a greater resistance to cold weather, but glass mats can withstand higher temperatures.
Battery Life
The life of all three types of batteries depends mainly on proper charging. Wet cells are the most forgiving and can stand a wider range of charging parameters. Gel cells are second, and the most sensitive are the glass mats. However, completely discharging any of them will shorten their life and may even ruin them. So keep any battery properly charged for a longer life. All three types would last longer if they could be kept away from extreme temperatures, but generally speaking, a properly maintained wet cell could have the longest life”