Harmonics Filtration

At Transez, we install harmonic filters that use power electronics to monitor the nonlinear load and dynamically correct every harmonic order from the 3rd to 31st. 
With the increased presence of electronics on power distribution systems, disruptive anomalies are created, and harmonics can become a problem. Some equipment that can be large contributors to harmonics are fluorescent lamps, computers and peripherals, welding machines, uninterrupted power supplies (UPS) among others.
Additionally, this product has been performance tested to the 51st harmonic order, and will operate in a resonance condition, maintaining consistent, maximum performance. By injecting a compensating current into the load, the sine wave is restored, and distortion is dramatically reduced to less than 5% THD, to meet stringent IEEE 519 Standards.
The high speed process cancels high frequency output current, while it ultimately determines the precise value of injected load current.  The power electronics platform at Transez has been designed to operate at levels that continuously adapt to rapid load fluctuations. With its efficient operation and small physical size, it is ideal for a wide variety of industrial and commercial environment